Okay so, now that I’m well rested I can describe my amazing night.
So, I got there at around 3 and the line was already wrapped around the building. At one point, Jack peeked through the window (I MISSED IT) which caused some girls behind me to scream like mad. It was amusing :P Once I was in the venue I scanned the merch table then quickly went to the stage so I could secure a good spot. There were already a lot of people forming around the stage so I picked a spot in the middle. WORST DECISION EVER. Everyone was being SUPER rough and shoving people causing half of the people in the front to fall over themselves. I lasted until Mayday Parade in that spot then I felt like I couldn’t breathe so I got out as quickly as I could. I stayed in the sidelines for the rest of the concert which was fine with me because I feel like I had a better view from there anyway and I didn’t have to be shoved up against someone. I loved the confetti during PTV’s set, he asked everyone to sit down during the acoustic song and that only lasted about 1 minute until people ruined it. WHEN VIC SAYS SIT, YOU SIT. -__- ATL was amazing like always, Therapy was my favorite. I left a song or two before their set was over because I had to call a cab. Which, BEST DECISION EVER. Josh Franceschi was by the merch tables so I asked for a picture and he’s just such a sweetheart. I bought the red VI YMAS shirt then I called the cab company and they said there was already a taxi on site and to walk to the front of the building, I was like okaaay. A group of people were waiting near the tour busses and they told me the bands weren’t coming out. I saw the taxi near the tour buses and the security tried to stop me but I said I wanted the taxi and he let me go through. THAT IS WHEN I heard a british guy saying to hold the taxi for two minutes and he would be right back. I knew he must’ve been part of the YMAS crew so I was like okay!! After waiting for 5 minutes, the taxi driver was getting impatient and was going to leave but I told him I didn’t mind waiting so he drove in a circle around the tour buses where 3 people were standing talking and asked where the guy had gone. IT WAS DEREK AND BROOKS. Derek walked up to the taxi and of course I had an internal fangirl attack. I was like I’M SORRY but after you get the guy that wanted the taxi CAN I TAKE A PICTURE WITH YOU!?! and he’s like sure!! so he did and omg he’s the sweetest the taxi driver didn’t know how to work my camera too well and he was so patient ahh I love him! We waited a bit longer and the guy came back WITH JOSH AND MAX. So I’m like OH MY GOD (the taxi driver was so oblivious to any of the bands and was highly amused by my fangirling) and Josh is like “Oh did we take your taxi love?” and i’m like NO NO ITS FINE WE CAN SHARE!! so they got in with their crew member and i’m freaking out trying not to be overly excited because I didn’t want to come off as crazy. I told them I loved their set and then Josh said “excuse me lady in the front! whats your name?” (!!!!!!!) I told him and he asked me what happened during ATLs set because he saw an ambulance? and I told him someone got hurt. The Taxi driver asked them where they were from and he said England and then they all started singing ENGLAND’S NATIONAL ANTHEM. After they arrived to the bar they were going to, the taxi driver BLESS HIS HEART knew I loved them so he was like Are you going to take a picture with them? and Josh was like YES OF COURSE! so I got out of the car and I asked if Max could get in the picture too and he was like sure! The crew member took the picture of us and Josh said “Thanks for buying our shirt. take care, love! see you in the fall!” and omg I think I was smiling the entire way home. HERE ARE THE PICTURES! More of the show coming shortly. At the merch table

By the tour buses!

After we got out of the taxi, I was mid sentence but they are PERF LOOK AT JOSH’S EXPRESSION

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